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    "Where in the world one person who expects the other is in the middle of a desert, or in the middle of big cities. And when those people meet, and his eyes came across the whole past and all future loses any importancia.Por that without it there would be no end to the dreams of mankind!"

    - Sempre existe no mundo uma pessoa que espera a outra , seja no meio de um deserto, seja no meio das grandes cidades. E quando essas pessoas se cruzam, e seus olhos se encontrarm, todo o passado e todo o futuro perde qualquer importancia.Por que sem isto não haveria qualquer sentido para os sonhos da raça humana!
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    "You are not a loser if you lose u are a loser when you quit"

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    About me…NOT

    Just Google my name for fun today found out my friend”s new blog and yes she never told me about it but it was fun reading it i just love to read her blogs they are very interesting…… sending my cats to the vet today just love them they are 7 and 8 months old (starting from male to female)  Jose the male a ragamuffin very nice to cuddle cat but mews allot loves to eat and he is not picky he is black and white . Roxy the female very playful but quiet whenever  u call her name she comes to u she is not picky about about her food and is a rag doll. Well for me i hate vegetables and seriously who does”t , we all eat it for the sake of eating it and not because we like it well there are a few exceptions who like it i guess… I am just a normal person who has nothing to say so intro is soo over.

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